Arlin Ladue (b. Mar 19, 1989) grew up in Charlotte, Vermont, where he was introduced to skis and a video camera at 22 months. He moved to Medford, MA in 2007 to attend Tufts University, where he studied Human Factors Engineering and worked as a freelance filmmaker & web designer. Always passionate about skiing, Arlin skied on the Tufts Alpine Ski Team all four winters at Tufts. 

After graduating, Arlin joined a digital marketing agency called Genuine Interactive. Genuine’s focus was on helping their clients reach and engage an audience in the digital space, something Arlin had been exploring since middle school. Clients provided diverse and challenging assignments, including website builds, interactive learning applications, and documentary films. Combining his skills in user-centered design and digital communication, Arlin acted as a digital strategist, helping guide projects to meet the goals of his clients. Along the way, a number of projects received recognition and awards.

Outside of work, Arlin spends his time exploring the wilderness of New England: summers on Lake Champlain, slalom skiing, deep water soloing, and wakeboarding; falls hiking and biking in the White Mountains; winters skiing all across the country.

Arlin is currently freelancing as a digital strategist, web designer, and visual storyteller. Carrying over a critical eye for design and innovation, Arlin has been able to help a select group of clients generate business results through the digital space. 

Current Location
Somerville, MA